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About US

albert  Amerimacs offers a unique set of managed print services (MPS) to our business clients, caring for all of their printer-related needs by providing enterprise-wide print-centric     hardware and support. Started in Ventura, California in 2007 (as Ultrex Business Solutions), Amerimacs has become the premier MPS provider in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Even though it started doing business just prior to the economy entering a deep recession, the company’s industry experience, business knowledge, marketing strategies and the understanding that relationship-selling trumps all, enabled the company to survive and prosper. In early 2012, the company name and business structure was changed to Capstan Ventures LLC, dba Amerimacs to better serve our clients.

Albert McCartney, CEO of Amerimacs

Amerimacs’ founders, Albert McCartney and Ross McCartney, both have extensive experience in the printer industry. Albert has over 34 years of marketing experience in the copier/duplicator/ printer industry; Ross has been on the technical side of the industry for over 12 years. Amerimacs’ unique approach to MPS, hands on policy and personal attention to customer needs has led to their being named as best and number one vendor at several nationally and internationally known companies in the area.


Amerimacs is the one-stop source for all of our customers’ print-related needs. Period. Our philosophy is to develop a personal, hands-on relationship with our customers and always give more than expected. Unlike printer manufacturers or local copier sales companies who just go for the one-time sale and don’t take the time to “know” the customers, Amerimacs creates an in-depth partnership with our customers – we understand and provide for their needs, both short term and long term. By working with Amerimacs, our customers get not only outstanding hardware, software and service, but also operational efficiencies, cost savings and, most importantly, peace of mind.




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